Havana Malecon: one of the wonders of Cuba

havana malecon
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Havana Seawall better known as Havana Malecon or Maceo Avenue, is a wide avenue of about 8 km long, which borders the north coast of Havana from Havana Bay to the mouth of the Almendares River.
It is characterized by the wide sidewalk on the edge of the avenue that ends in a concrete wall that serves as a seat for people who sit to contemplate the Havana coast dotted sometimes by the waves of the gulf that beat the reefs a few meters below.

Havana Malecon Images

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous avenues in all of Cuba and one of the busiest. It is an indispensable part of the cultural life of the city. Strolling along the boardwalk is undoubtedly one of the top 10 things to do in Havana, preferred by Havana residents and passing tourists.
It is the scene of street vendors who proclaim their products: such as peanuts, which keep roasted and hot in a tin can with a charcoal bottom, in the most traditional way that inspired the famous song The Manisero by Moisés Simons; or the women who pass with baskets full of flowers and stuffed animals on the prowl of lovers who sit on the wall of the boardwalk to romance; or the amateur musicians who walk with their instruments at a cost offering them a serenade. The same on your wall as on the reefs you can find dozens of fishermen beating their rods in the wind.

ride in a classic car along the Havana Malecon
Ride in a classic car along the Havana Malecon: one of the most popular attractions among tourists

It is a true spectacle to take a tour in an old convertible car along the whole avenue, photograph the facade of the old buildings with their baroque columns of striking capitals and the sea beating against the reefs.
Throughout the avenue, many monuments and emblematic buildings of the city stand out, such as the Monument to Antonio Maceo, in the park of the same name, The Monument to General Calixto García (recently retired to another site for being targeted by the ravages of several hurricanes), the Castle of the Royal Force of Havana, the Castle of San Salvador de la Punta, the Torreón de San Lázaro, the entrance to the Havana Tunnel, the National Hotel of Cuba, The Monument to the victims of the USS Maine, The Anti-imperialist tribune, The Embassy of the United States of America on Cuba, the Torreon de la Chorrera, among others.
The most notable point of Havana’s boardwalk is the intersection between the avenue and 23rd street in the neighborhood of El Vedado Capitalino. Right on the corner, you can see a small artificial waterfall that falls from the mound on which the National Hotel of Cuba is located. If you visit at night you can see how a beam of light travels the sea and the city from the lighthouse of El Morro, emblematic military fortress built by the Spaniards during colonial times. A little further up in the opposite corner is a small ice cream shop. Going up the Havana Ramp on 23rd Street you can access several nightclubs in the city, cinemas such as La Rampa or El Yara that are part of the cinema circuit of The Havana Film Festivals, or the famous Coppelia Ice Cream Shop in the corner of 23 and L.

Hotels of the Havana Malecon

sunset in el malecon de la habana
The emblematic riviera hotel

Over the years, a large number of hotels have been built in the vicinity of the Malecón in Havana. Undoubtedly, this wonderful strip of the Caribbean Sea is an exceptional sight that bathes the wall of the majestic boardwalk with its assaults of waves, bordering a good part of the north coast of the city.
Between the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, when Havana flourished as the main leisure area for North American tourism, standing out for its casinos, luxury hotels and cabarets, one an explosion of hotel construction, among which the Majestic Hotel Nacional, the Riviera el Deubille hotel, El Capri (which although it is not right on the boardwalk does have a wonderful view from its upper floors), the same happens with the then Havana Hilton today named Habana Libre, etc.

Prado hotel in Havana Malecon
Hotel Prado in the Havana SeaWall

After the triumph of the Cuban revolution, when from the 90s of the same century, tourism became one of the driving motors of the Cuban economy, other majestic and more modern hotels have been built in this area, such as the known Hotel Prado among others.

Havana Malecon: one of the wonders of Cuba

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  1. Traveling to Havana in 2019 was a wonderful experience for me and my husband. Truly the Malecón de la Habana is one of the most beautiful places where I have been able to appreciate a sunset in all my life and if you do that from a convertible classic car then what to say? simply has no comparison

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