Varadero Dolphinarium an incredible show

Varadero dolphinarium entrance
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The Varadero Dolphinarium is a special place if you intend to travel in family or if you are a lover of these friendly and intelligent animals that are dolphins.
Located on a coastal lake about 12 km from the entrance of Varadero, relatively close to the Iberostar Tainos, Starfish Varadero, Royalton Hicacos, Brisas Caribe Hotel and Iberostar Varadero hotels.

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The main attraction of the Dolphinarium is the dolphin show of the species Nose of Bottle. It is a varied show in which dolphins make irresistible pirouettes, jump obstacles and follow the orders of trainers swimming quickly, making water jets rise, always taking as a prize a bite of fresh fish.
One of the activities that is of interest to visitors is that they can swim with the dolphins at the end of the show, always under the supervision of the trainers.

To get to Varadero it is not necessary to do it from Havana, you can fly directly to Varadero Airport known as Varadero Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport. To get to the dolphinarium. From the hotel where you are staying you can request a package that includes dolphin excursions.

In the surroundings of the dolphinarium you can find shops for the purchase of items or souvenirs, for the little ones there is a small park with mechanical devices. You will also find coffee shops, snack bar, photo service etc.
Other nearby attractions are: the Pirate Cave cabaret, Ambrosio Cave, Cubita Coffee House and Rum House.

Varadero Dolphinarium Price

You can buy tickets at the same dolphinarium. Admission for one person costs 120 cup (equivalent to $ 5 usd)*. If you take a camera you will have to pay an additional 120 cup and 240 cup if it is a video camera.

Personal photographs with dolphins cost 120 cup. 

Dolphins show cost 360 cup.

To swim with the dolphins you must pay 1800 cup per adult and 1560 cup per minor.

*The official exchange rate of the us dollar respect to the cuban peso is 1usd = 24 cup since January 1, 2021

Varadero Dolphinarium an incredible show

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