How to rent a car cheaper in Panama?

rent a cheaper car in panama
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Rent a car cheaper in Panama is the best option if you want to make the most of your time on your trip, be it tourism or shopping. In this way you will maximize your resources by saving for transportation concept while guaranteeing safety and comfort.
There are many companies for car rental in Panama, however, you should not decide lightly. To get a car at the best price in Panama, it is best to follow this basic guide that offers you the best tips for a cheap car rental in Panama

Tips for rent a car cheaper in Panama

Travel in a low season of tourism

If you have time to plan your trip and you can choose when you will do it, it is best to travel in the low season of tourism. This season coincides with the rainy months which are from May to November. During this time, the influx of tourism to Panama decreases and therefore there is more availability of accommodation and car rental prices decrease significantly. Always avoid the dry season, which includes the months from mid-December to mid-April when prices are highest. Renting a car in Panama on November is usually more expensive since it is a month full of festivities so local businesses usually close for several days, in addition the locals fill the establishments and as it is their opportunity to vacation, prices may be higher. This particular month is also the rainiest of the year in Panama.

Go for cheaper cars

Most rental companies offer a wide range of car models ranging from compact, mid-size, full-size, suv, minivan or van to high-end cars or luxury cars. Depending on the type of trip you make, the car you choose will be, for example, if you go on a family trip, the most convenient thing is to rent a minivan or van, for space reasons, if you go on a business trip it is probably convenient to rent a car. A car that gives you a better image or impression, however, if you are traveling as a tourist alone or as a couple, the best for rent a cheaper car in Panama is to hire a compact or similar.

Compare the prices of different companies

Do an internet search for the different car rental companies in Panama and compare the prices. Car rental rates usually vary in different seasons. See for which seasons car prices are lower so you can consider traveling in that time for a thrifty car rental panama. If, on the other hand, you have an established date, see which company has the best prices for that season.

Look for the deals

Most of the Panama car rental companies systematically launch offers for various reasons: either for marketing reasons, or for having a car that is low-rent, or for last-minute rental cancellations. These are good opportunities to catch truly amazing prices.
See if your credit card covers any of the insurance
Many companies that issue credit cards include in their services to cover certain insurance payments, among which the payment of insurance related to car rental is frequent. Ask your credit card issuer what insurance your credit card covers and if they apply in Panama.

Make sure there are no hidden taxes

Some companies show apparently low rates, however, when you get ready to sign the contract you find out that the price increases due to taxes and extra charges that they do not show in their initial rates. It may be the case of compulsory insurance, airport tax, highway tax or other fictitious taxes or charges for extra services.
In Panama Third Party Liability coverage (TPL / PLI) is a mandatory insurance that the Government traffic regulations require for all drivers, so you must make sure that this insurance is included as part of the rate shown.

Never rent your car at the airport

For many, it is easier to rent a car directly at the airport, especially if they have not had time to plan their trip. However, renting a car at panama airport is undoubtedly more expensive. The companies that offer car rental at the panama airport usually charge the airport tax. In the event that they do not apply it as an explicit extra charge, they charge it at the base price of the car.

Opt for the one driver mode

Companies generally charge a tax per additional driver. Some companies do not apply this tax in the case of a spouse, close family member or partners. If you have any memberships, such as AAA, USAA, AARP or Costco you can also get a free additional driver with some car companies.

Limit additional accessories and services

Car rental companies offer a series of additional accessories such as: satellite radio and GPS navigation, roadside assistance, baby seats, etc.
The fewer accessories or additional services you need, the more you will save on your car rental in Panama.

Check the price of gas at nearby stations

It is convenient that you check the price of fuel in Panama City or in the Panama area where you are going to travel. Compare them with the prepaid price offered by the company so that you can assess whether you hire the tank as part of your rent or not. Depending on the rental time, this could be a factor to consider to save a little more money on your trip.

Check user reviews

A good way to measure the reliability of a car rental company, as well as to check the behavior of its prices in different seasons, is to consult the reviews of previous clients on the internet. Read customer reviews on the company’s website, but for more security check their opinions on sites such as tripadvisor, lonelyplanet or on social networks.

How to rent a car cheaper in Panama?

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