How to rent a car cheaper

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how to rent a car cheaper

How to rent a car in the most economical way?

Renting a car is the best way to fully enjoy your trip. Having a car gives you freedom of movement, while you can chart your own itinerary. On the other hand, in these times it is vitally important to protect yourself from the contagion of Covid-19, so renting a car is much safer than traveling in collective transport such as buses or microbus, since in this way you avoid the risk of exposing yourself to contact with infected people, while avoiding being subjected to crowds.
But … how to rent a car in the cheapest way?
There are several factors that influence the price of cars, the first of them, of course the demand. This factor, in the case of tourist destinations, is always linked to the current season, that is, if it is a low tourist season, prices are lower, since demand decreases, hence renting a car in low season is one of the factors that determine the price of a car. But there are other factors.
Other factors that determine to rent a car at the best price:
Renting a car at the airport is perhaps more comfortable, since from the moment of your arrival you will already have your car to go to the place you prefer.
However, this option is always more expensive, since the agencies established in the airports will always charge a higher rate for the airport tax.

Prices vary from company to company

Car rental companies abound almost anywhere. In the same destination, prices vary slightly from one to the other. In general, local companies offer slightly lower prices, however the difference is made by the offers. Almost all companies consistently launch offers with lower prices for some of their cars. This is the best opportunity to find the best prices. A car whose rental has been canceled at the last minute, or a car that has low rents in a certain period may be a candidate for an offer. So if you want to find cheap cars for your trip, look for the offers available for that date in the different companies.

Insurance and Accessories

Insurance and accessories are elements that increase the total cost of a car reservation. All countries establish their policies regarding insurance, in most of them Civil Liability Insurance, for example, is mandatory. So to determine the final value of a car, you will have to make sure that the mandatory insurance is included. The rest of the insurances are generally optional. However, choose the insurance you need to ensure that your trip is safe.
On the other hand there are the accessories. These have an extra cost to the car rate. Choose those accessories that are useful or necessary. If you are traveling with a baby, for example, the infant seat will not only be useful, but it is mandatory in some countries.
GPS can also be especially useful for locating yourself, especially in rural areas or far from the main cities.

How to rent a car cheaper

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