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suv rental in panama
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If you travel to Panama determined to enjoy an adventure, the best option without a doubt is to rent an Suv in Panama. A conventional car can be cheaper and serve you well in the city, as is the case with compact cars, however, to venture out to visit the most intricate destinations of this wonderful country, it is best to rent a 4×4. How about if you decide to travel to some of the most famous beaches in Panama: Playa Blanca, Cayo Coral, in Bocas del Toro, or Colon Island? … Or what if you want to venture into jungle areas like Portobelo , Boquete or Santa Cruz de Cana? Well, in this case any car will not work for you.
Renting a 4×4 in Panama will definitely be what you are looking for. With a Suv you will not only have enough comfort and safety but you will also be able to enter any type of terrain: from the sandy areas on the beaches of Panama, the reefs of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, to the dusty roads and those covered by bushes and dense undergrowth of the most jungle and intricate areas.
One of the most popular SUVs to rent in Panama is Jeep. Rent a Jeep in Panama and you can forget about the unevenness of the terrain, the potholes in the road or the steep slopes. A modern Jeep is a very comfortable car and in addition to its original accessories you can add others such as GPS, which will be very useful to locate you in the most intricate areas of Panama.

Panama Suv Rental

Panama SUV Rental will be easy for you in Panama since there are many companies with a wide variety of SUV car models for rental.

Where to rent a 4×4 in Panama?

In any of the most visited tourist destinations in Panama you can rent a Suv. In Panama City you can rent a 4×4 at the Panama International Airport, or at any of the many car rental agencies located in the city. These agencies also have representation in hotels.

What are the best companies to rent a 4×4 in Panama?

Among the best known companies for renting a Suv in Panama are:

Among the local ones, the following stand out:

What are the best 4×4 models to rent a Panama?

Among the most demanded Suvs in Panama are the following:

  • Chevrolet Tahoe.
  • Nissan Armada
  • Jeep renegade
  • Jeep wrangler
  • Toyota sequoia
  • Ford Expedition

Cheap Suv rental in Panama

Taking into account that a Suv is not the cheapest type of car in Panama, if you have a little budget or want to make your trip as cheap as possible, it is best then to follow a group of tips for rent a car cheaper in Panama.
For example: if you travel during the low tourist season, you will see that the price of SUVs (as well as the rest of the cars) decreases considerably, since demand decreases. Also depending on the model you choose will be the price. Choose cheaper models. Older models are generally cheaper, so for example a Jeep Patriot will be cheaper than a Jeep Renegade.
Search the internet for the websites of the different companies and compare the prices of the cars. In particular, look for the offers. You may hopefully find a Suv on sale. In these cases the prices are surely lower than the normal rate. An offer may have a limited period, so try to adjust your itinerary to the time the offer is in effect. You can also modify your travel plan so that you use a Suv on your visits to intricate or difficult-to-access regions and the time you are in the city you can rent a cheaper car such as compact cars.

Requirements for renting a Suv in Panama

To rent a Suv in Panama, like any other type of car, you must be at least 21 years old.
Among the documentation that you must present to a car rental company are your passport or personal identification and your valid driver’s license. Keep in mind that if you are a foreigner, your country’s driving license will only be valid for 3 months, after this time you must apply for a Panamanian driving license.

Tips for renting a Suv in Panama

Hiring a Suv in Panama is convenient for many reasons, among which the comfort and security stand out to be able to access all areas of Panama, from the coasts to the mountains without limitations. However, renting a car in Panama at the best price is not always easy and on the other hand, to avoid incidents and achieve a safe and quiet trip, it is best to follow a group of useful tips.

Rent your Suv online in advance: Making your rent online you will always get the best price. Doing an online search at the same time allows you to compare the prices of the different companies. This way you will also be able to see if any of them have current offers on the date you will travel, which will make your trip considerably cheaper.

Select the insurance you need: Most companies offer a wide range of insurance. Liability Insurance in Panama is mandatory by law, so any insurance package you select must include this insurance at a minimum. Verify with your credit card company if yours covers any of the car rental insurance in Panama and in that case, have a written record of this. For cheaper suv rental in Panama, it is enough that you opt for Liability Insurance, however, consider that other insurances guarantee that your trip is safer and free of worries. In the event of collision accidents, collision insurance may help.

Compare the rate per day and the rate per week: Keep in mind that car rental companies offer one rate per day and one per week. You can consider extending your trip for more than a week, in this case the weekly rate that is cheaper in the long term would apply.

Inspect your car well before pick up. Before signing the rental agreement, thoroughly inspect your car. Take a good look at scratches or dents and take photos. If possible, film a video that serves as an argument against possible claims when returning it.

Faqs about renting a Suv in Panama

Why should I hire a Suv in Panama?

Renting an SUV in Panama guarantees you to enjoy the same or better comfort than another type of car, while offering you much more security. Hiring a Suv in Panama and potholes in the road, muddy and swampy roads will not be a problem for you, especially if you travel in the rainy season. You can also visit the beach areas and walk through its sands without worries or venture into other coastal areas where reefs abound if you want to dive.

Can I rent a Suv at the Panama City airport?

At the Panama City airport you can rent different models of Suv such as Jeep, Mitsubishi, etc., however, you should bear in mind that renting a car at the airport is always more expensive. If you want tips to rent a car cheaper in Panama see the article in the link.

Rent a Suv in Panama

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