Bacalar or Seven Colors Lagoon

bacalar lagoon
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The Bacalar lagoon is one of those most exotic panoramas of the Mexican geography. The viewer is surprised by the different shades of its waters, which at the same time, like other aquatic destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, are warm and excellent for bathing.

The waters of this lagoon are also attributed healing qualities and many regional legends speculate of its magical properties. In its warm, shallow waters, it is a delight to introduce your feet and feel how the bottom soles caress you. The lagoon is surrounded by dense vegetation made up of mangroves and is fed by different underground rivers that give it life.

One of the best known points to see in the Bacalar Lagoon is the Cenote Negro. Also known as the Cenote de la Bruja, it is a space in which there is a sharp unevenness that opens into the depths like a cliff almost one hundred meters high.

In this area, the water suddenly changes its hue to become practically black and a strong change in pressure is noted, so you have to be careful not to get scared when the ground abruptly disappears under your feet without warning.

Other cenotes that stand out in this beautiful geography are: El Cenote Azul,, the Esmeralda cenote, covered by waters of an unreal color, or the Cocalitos cenote, which has in its vicinity one of the best restaurants in the area, where you can taste the wonderful local food.

One of the most liked activities by tourists who visit the lagoon and its cenotes is diving. Of special interest for the diver is to appreciate in the depths of these waters the fossilized stones that are millions of years old, which have been very useful for scientists to analyze the evolution of life on our planet.

Another of the major attractions in the surroundings of the lagoon of the seven colors is the Canal de los Piratas, a natural border that separates Mexico from Belize that was formerly used as a refuge by pirates who harassed the inhabitants of the island.

Precisely with the purpose of defending the island from pirates, the Fort of San Felipe was built, a military fortification that was built in 1727 and that today constitutes a museum visited by tens of thousands of tourists all year round.

Bacalar or Seven Colors Lagoon

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