Hel Há: a unique experience

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Near the city of Tulum, the Xel-Há natural park with its caves, trails, cenotes, rivers and lakes forms a natural framework in the middle of the jungle of the Mexican Yucatan, which makes it an unbeatable destination for an exceptional vacation.

Some 70 hectares of land and 14 hectares of water make Xel Há, whose Mayan name means: “where the water is born”, a true paradise. Opened in 1994, this park is today one of the most visited attractions in the entire Riviera Maya.

Its only exuberant and exotic nature make this emblematic place a preferred destination for rest and peace. For nature lovers it may be the ideal destination, since in this place some of the most exotic and wonderful species of both flora and fauna converge, aspects in which Mexico stands out all over the world and where they are highlighted here. at an exponential level.

In Xel Há you can also enjoy its wonderful facilities. Restaurants where you can taste the most exquisite dishes of Mexican food and where those flavors of the rich Mayan culinary tradition are enhanced.

What to do in Xel Há?

One of the main attractions of Xel-Há is its great cove, a magical space in which fresh water meets seawater without actually mixing, creating a surprising visual effect.

The waters of the cove make up the home in which more than 70 aquatic species coexist, including parrot fish, barracudas, rays or horse mackerel.

This condition makes La Caleta an ideal place to practice snorkeling and diving, so that you can be dazzled by the aquatic species that live in this natural habitat.

In Xel Há you can also visit several lagoons, caves and the amazing cenotes, so typical of this remote Mexican geography, surprising and beautiful.

If you like to practice hiking, Xel Há is the ideal place. With several kilometers of trails through the Mexican jungle, you can give him the illusion that you are in the jungle in times when the Mayan civilization ruled the region.

If you are one of those who like adventures, then you can take your adrenaline to the limit by jumping from the zip lines that go in various circuits from the platforms to the treetops.

To contemplate the park in all its magnitude, the best thing is to go up to the lighthouse that offers views of the surroundings from its viewpoint located 40 meters high.

How to get to Xel Há?

Xel ha is located about 15 km north of Tulum, so the natural way to get there is from this city. You can either opt for one of the numerous Tours that offer a visit to this wonderful natural park as part of their tour or you can take a bus, taxi or collective from Tulum.

However, the best insurance option will be to rent a car in Tulum, so that you can have the time you need to visit the park and, incidentally, visit other destinations in the Riviera Maya following your own tastes and planning.

Hel Há: a unique experience

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