Kabini’s Top 10 Resorts

Kabini River Lodge
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Settled in the wild, Kabini is a location that is well-known for its natural beauty and that attracts tourists to enjoy the marvelous scenery surrounding the Kabini River in the middle of the incredible wilderness. The Kabini Sanctuary is one of the most remote animal reserves and less known and thus an excellent place to visit away from Karnataka’s crowded streets. Those who like the natural environments of nature and the animal will find this place satisfying and fulfilling, like any wildlife sanctuary in India. Kabini’s resorts are well-appointed and are truly a sanctuary for tourists, and the hotels vary from luxury to an economic stay. Here we list the best 10 resorts in Kabini to reduce your research for this place and they give you superior facilities and packages for your visit to Kabini.


  1. Red Earth, Kabini


Red Earth is one of the best resorts in Kabini, in a magnificent environment of the wild. This place has all the latest facilities including beautifully built rooms and amenities such as cycling and bird watching. A well-constructed spa is also available via massages and acupuncture for those who wish to relax their muscles. In addition, the Bookaholic Library and a fully-fledged restaurant are available to guests offering spicy Karnataka cuisine, which is mouth waters.


  1. Waterwoods Lodge, Kabini


Located close to Nagarhole National Park, the Waterwoods Lodge offers a stunning view of the striking Mountains of Brahmagiri. This resort is one of the main retreats for many visitors visiting Kabini in the Nagarhole National Park. It looks colonial more and offers lodgers great facilities and various sightseeing packages in and around Kabini. Every tourist’s stay here is complemented by a swimming pool and a nicely constructed restaurant.


  1. The Peepal Tree, Kabini


The Peepal Tree is set amidst the farmland and offers rooms in a beautiful way, on the spectacular Kabini river, and has Indian homeliness as its best part in this retreat! This place has a varying yet normal atmosphere, from an evening bonfire to a small library for guests. In addition, the Peepal Tree offers outdoor bird-watching packages, trekking, catching, meditation, and many other items to get you close to the environment, in addition to its indoor library activities and its swimming pool.


  1. Kabini Lake View Resort


Near to Nagarhole National Park, Kabini Lake View Resort provides a wide range of entertaining facilities. AC suites, wonderful views of the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary and all-around national parks, buffet dinners, lunch arrangements, and coracles can be enjoyed. Boat cruises and photographs of wildlife are among the various activities that make your visit to Kabani even more special.


  1. The Serai Resorts, Kabini


The resorts of Kabani, surrounded by the sumptuous Nilgiri reserve, are a luxurious place to stay. It is between an area of greenery with trees all over and birds tweeting is a perfect start to the day in the morning. There are top-notch villas and guest accommodation, even though the price is still very expensive, in Kabani you are particularly tempted to stay during this wonderful retreat.


  1. Orange County, Kabini


Orange County has an exclusive tribal look and a sparkling aura. The fine facilities make this spot a refreshing one for your holiday here. Tribe huts, a relaxing reading salon, a swimming pool plus a jacuzzi, safari packages, and nature paths are among the luxury facilities provided, thus combining the nature of Kabani with its modern world.


  1. The Bison Resort, Kabini


The Bison Resort is the perfect start to transform the British Lodges into a retreat for Kabani tourists after their hunt. This place is the only union of National Parks of Bandipur and Nagarhole and offers a spectacular view of these natural habitats. Accommodation is satisfying and there is a luxury tent, open-air deck, swimming pool, camping packages, and many more facilities.


  1. Kaav Safari Lodge Kabini


Kaav Safari Lodge is an outstanding combination of sumptuous views over the Nilgiri Reserve and the spacious and elegant accommodation facilities. This lodge offers a retreat in Nilgiri Reservations, along with a live safari and alfresco restaurant, luxury decks, and wildlife expeditions.


  1. Kabini Springs


The hotel Kabini Springs is fitted with fine quarters, a swimming pool, and contenting room service for travelers. Outdoor trips are also scheduled for jungle safari, wildlife tourism, and walks. The place has a friendly and cost-effective environment.


  1. Kabini River Lodge


Kabini River Lodge is one of Kabini’s best wildlife resorts. It’s fun to stay in Kabini’s rich wilderness for a weekend. This hotel hunted the former Mysore ruler’s retreat and a holiday here will make you feel amazingly royal. Conference facilities, luxury cafes, fine cottages, and safaris are available for the guests.


Kabini’s Top 10 Resorts

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