Kudremukh Trek – Full Guide

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 Kudremukh Trek located in Karnataka is known for horse’s face. This name is because of the peak’s distinctive shape. This is also traditionally referred to as Samseparvath as it was used to access the village of Samse.

Kudremukh is situated in the heart of the Chikkamagaluru district of the Western Ghats. It falls under the Kudremukh National Park, the second largest protected wildlife area in the Western Ghats.

It is located at an altitude of 6,207 feet and it is the highest peak which comes after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri. 

It is covered with green hills and many small streams which makes your trek experience more beautiful.



Kudremukh peak has a mysterious shape of horse’s face from the side. It gets visible when you cross through the office side after an hour of trekking and after it the trekking does not end you have to cross another three hours of trekking to reach the point. 

Now comes Shola forest that you have to trek through to reach the trekking point. Shola comes from the local name for grassland. When you cross through the Shola forest you see great wildlife animals like deer, lion, leopard, langur and many more. And during monsoon you get to see leeches on the ground. It is mostly rare to spot these animals but if you see them you are lucky enough. 

The waterfalls and little streams are one of the interesting aspects of this section. On the way to the top, you have to cross several streams. Often when crossing, you have to wet your shoes. 

You see a marvelling view of the rolling hills around you as you come out of the shola forest. You see green hills and misty valleys which are the rewards. During the monsoon, this region may be completely covered with mist. But the hiding and looking of the valley between the clouds and the mist is something you do not forget. 

This region is divided into three parts that is first the gradual climb in the forest and on the grassland is the trail from the Forest Office to Ontimar 2 then there is a steep climb from Trek from Ontimara 2 to Final Stretch and the last walking the ridge from the final segment to the top. 

The trek begins from the office in the forest. You can hear the sound of the water dropping at Somawathi falls, and once you’re on the forest trail, it stays with you for a distance. Don’t forget to note the thickening of the vegetation once you reach the Shola forest. You get to cross a stream after 15 minutes of a steady climb. If you are trekking in the monsoon, the water level will be high. 

You will see the Ontimara welcoming you to space below as soon as you exit the forest area. A large canopy surrounds that location. 

The trail is flat from Ontimara, with the Kudremukh valley to your right and a mountain to your left. You will be trekking with the occasional thick trees on the grassland. After an hour and a half trek, you hit the second Ontimara. 


It will take 2 hours to hit the distinctive mark point of the second Ontimara if you are measuring from the forest office.

As you reach the last leg of your trek, the trek from the second Ontimara has a mix of trekking through a gentle slope and also a steep climb. You get to see the beautiful rolling green hills in this section, which is very scenic.

Kudremukh valley becomes more visible as you begin to climb.

This is the prettiest part of the trek! The peak is right in front of your eyes and the thrill of reaching the summit begins.


Best time to visit: 

Kudremukh’s best season is from June to February. However during the year the Kalasa area receives good weather. 

Many small streams, dark shola forest, bamboo shrubs tall enough to touch the sky and rolling green hills can be seen during the monsoon and winter. 

Any of the trek sections including hiking under the open sky. Hence, it is not recommended to trek in the summer.

So book your tickets and enjoy the tranquility by trekking to Kudremukh, one of the serene places in the world. 


Kudremukh Trek – Full Guide

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