Trinidad: colonial city of Cuba

trinidad square
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Trinidad is a city located on the south coast of the center of the island of Cuba. It was one of the first villas founded in Cuba by the Spanish colonizers (in 1514). It reached a great splendor at the time of the colony thanks to the extensive sugar plantations, livestock and tobacco cultivation, which was manifested in its architecture, equipped with beautiful mansions, large colonial houses, parks and other urban spaces that stand out still today in an excellent state of conservation, which is why it holds the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Images of Trinidad

The atmosphere of Trinidad is captivating, where time and modernity are intertwined. Through its cobblestone streets, peasants and oxen carts walk daily, passing by old cars parked in the bins, while a multitude of tourists from all latitudes photograph the colonial houses of high facades and tile roofs , the parks, the churches …
Trinidad stands out for being the center of the country’s crafts. It is natural to find in each corner a center of commerce or craftsmanship. In the same way stand out the groups of musicians who play in the middle of the street to the beat of the son, the trova and other rhythms of the rich Cuban musical panorama.
Among the main attractions of the city are the beautiful Plaza Mayor: place surrounded by magnificent buildings built in the most splendid stage of the city during colonial times during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is the most central and busy area of ​​the city where tourists and local merchants converge. Another important attraction is the Convent of San Francisco, with its bell tower, The Valley of the Wits, The Municipal Historical Museum. You also can enjoy a summer day in one of the beaches of Trinidad Ancon Beach or any of the beaches located between La Boca and Ancon. Another of the places preferred by tourists is undoubtedly the Topes de Collantes natural park, a beautiful place in the spirit mountains from which not only the wonders of the local fauna and flora can be distinguished but you can also bathe in rivers, waterfalls and enjoy of other activities such as horse riding, hiking, mountain climbing …
In Trinidad you will find excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the gorgeous cuban food. In the evenings you can take a walk through the streets of the city and enjoy the traditional music that plays in the cafés but if you want to have a more active night you can head to the best nightlife spots in Trinidad: Disco Ayala Club or Casa de La Musica.
If you are looking for a place to stay you can choose one of the comfortable trinity hotels such as Memories Trinidad del Mar – All Inclusive, Hotel Club Ancon or Iberostar Heritage Grand Trinidad among others, but without a doubt among the options preferred by tourists there are the B&B and hostels where you will find comfort and an excellent service

Trinidad: colonial city of Cuba

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