Visitors spell easily Kaav Safari Lodge in Kabini

Kaav Safari Lodge
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The beauty of the Kabini Forest Reserve is to be witnessed. It is Karnataka’s pride and one of the world’s best shrines. The Kabini River, originally from Wayanad, joins the Kaveri River in Karnataka. The Kabini reservoir flooding the country with liquid gold makes it fertile for the best wildlife and bird sights. Kabini has a surface area of 640 acres and a great density of animals, especially big cats, because of its wonderful habitat. The perfect “great escape” from the enclosed strings of a concrete prison called the city. It offers


A private safari lodge named Kav is located in the green lap on the edge of Nagarhole National Park (pronounced Kavu, meaning sacred grove). The lodge is located in the guests’ attentive comfort and the sacredness of the wild. Kaav Safari Lodge believes in green luxury which offers its guests the best comfort and services. On the sacred soil from the annual plantation of native plants to use renewable solar and biogas plants, this estate gives very little influence.


Kaav is 220 km from Bangalore from an enviable distance. It was a real joy to go to the property as we approached the outskirts of the city. For the rest and peace of the trip, we suggest an early morning or night drive without restrictive doors in the forest.


Kaav, furnished in elegant luxury in the forest and serenity, brightens with rustic charm and lights. Upon arrival, Mr. Pavithra Kumar (well-named PK) charmed the staff and management with a courteous and personal greeting. The smiles and the entertainment remained the best 24 hours a day. Juliet’s warm love, Labrador, at home, was a wonderful welcome. She truly wins your heart from the day you walk in.


Kaav offers four superior quarters, each with a common lounge and two spacious tents with a private balcony overlooking the woods. The rooms have a minimal effect on the surrounding wilderness, ensuring optimum comfort and luxury. The rooms and tents are spacious and sophisticated. Rooms and tents are built to add to the natural setting in a luxurious and comfortable manner.


The tents can become a romantic canopy from a rustic getaway. If you have a couple who have a peaceful romantic time in the wild under the blanket of stars, I highly recommend a luxurious tent for the musical serenades of birds and livestock.


At the top of this room, you can even see a wide and comfortable balcony, where you can sunbathe or sit under the stars and hear the endless rumors of the jungle.


Kaav has a small but beautiful swimming pool where you can relax. You can also relax in the hammocks when the cold, brisk shade becomes a soothing lullaby.


Guests are invited to participate in a variety of activities in Kaav, including guided nature and walking in the local village, on a cruise on the Kabini River, and on the beautiful Kabini roads to experience the unfolding of local life. A safari cruise, a fee, and a barbecue are available on request and the Jungle lodge & Resort Jungle Kabini Jungle Safari are available (additional charges apply).


The dining room is our favorite. Chef Sharath and his team treat you to a variety of traditional and local dishes. Each meal is cooked with fresh ingredients. The fact that Kaav has not been cooled means the food is warmly cooked and refreshed. The service and the real reward of the food experience are outstanding.


Kaav’s most enjoyable activity is the forest safari. You can see the electric combination of professional and academic photographers in the Jungle Lodges, who are young and old, with camouflage clothes, ready to witness the animals and birds’ natural habitat. Seeing the wild in their crude grandeur is absolutely unbelievable. When you hit the wild, you wake up to the scratch of leaves and trees and rustle in brooks. You’re slightly crying, rapid snoring, and a low tangle.


The lodge has the real winners in the heart of the untouched forest with exceptional service. You will recall wonderful accommodation and a rejuvenated feeling when you go away. No better magic can heal and improve the spirit as a jungle can do, and Kaav surely regulated the magic!

Visitors spell easily Kaav Safari Lodge in Kabini

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