Guest Post Rules

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Do you want to write an article as a guest author on this blog?
If you want to write an article as a guest author on America Travel, it will be a pleasure to hear your proposal …

Here is the procedure to follow:

Fill in the contact form indicating as subject: Proposal for a guest article (or guest-post)

What type of articles or collaborations interest us?:

The main theme of the blog is travel and tourism in America (the entire continent), but depending of relevance and quality of the post we can accept other continents experiences.

  • Information about destinations or places of interest
  • Practical advice about a country or region you have traveled to.
  • Stories and personal anecdotes about a trip, experience or adventure that you have lived.
  • Items that are useful for travelers in general.The main thing is that your proposal is useful and adds value to the readers so that they can improve their lives and their trips (indoors or outdoors)
  • Please note that I am not interested in posts designed exclusively to sell something or advertise.

If your proposal fits on our blog (it will surely fit), we will respond by giving you the ok.

  • Find an attractive title and search for a suitable SEO word or phrase that will be repeated several times throughout the text, title and subtitles.
  • Write with your heart a quality article that adds value and inspires the audience.
  • The length of the text has a minimum of 500 words. It is not really a fundamental aspect, as long as it is a quality article.
  • Organize the content well, including titles and subtitles (H2, H3, H4…).
  • You take good care of the spelling and grammar, because I am very fond of them.
  • Include a link in the text: to your blog, to my blog and to other websites (minimum one of each, or more if you want).
  • Answer possible comments on the article once it is published on the blog

With this we think it is more than enough. Now it’s your turn: send us your proposal and surprise us! We will be delighted that we work together!

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