Top Places to Visit in the Southwestern United States

grand canon
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The American Southwest region, full of stunning natural landscapes, is one of the best road trip destinations in the USA. Wide, open spaces along with beautiful and diverse natural landscapes make this region perfect for fun adventures where you will be screaming and whooping, wanting more of it. Hoodoos, canyons, abodes of ancient inhabitants, and so much more in the region make for a worthy travel experience. A trip to this diverse Southwest region can lead you to the most exciting adventures of your life, colourful festivals, memorable events and many fun places. From Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma to Utah and Texas, pick a place, Book the holiday package and satisfy your wanderlust right away.

Whether you are travelling to the Southwestern United States for the first time or looking forward to exploring it again, you have to include the Southwest United States in your bucket list. Here are some of the top bucket-list-worthy things you can try in this part of the USA.

Grand Canyon National Park

Among incredible natural wonders of the Southwestern United States is the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. With a mile’s depth at some points and 18 miles at its widest point, here you get the views unlike anything else. Enjoy the scenic drives if you’re a casual visitor or challenge yourself for hiking down into the canyon if you possess good hiking experience. Thrill-seekers may want to raft along the Colorado River or try skydiving too. You can also board flights from the nearby Grand Canyon National Park Airport to get an aerial view of the gorgeous canyon.Home to some of the most famous lodges, hiking, and views, it has got to be on your outdoor travel bucket list.So book some cheap flights as early as you are ready and go, live your dream.

Hike to Havasu Falls

The famous falls in Arizona aren’t for the faint-hearted, but it may also be one of the most worthwhile hikes to embark on.As you arrive here, get ready to be greeted by one of the most strikingly beautiful waterfalls in the region. Set against a backdrop of reddish coloured rock and mountains, the 30m sparkling blue water of famous Havasu Falls is a sight unlike any other. Here you also get to go on the 9-mile long trek that begins by descending into the canyon. Those who do not wish to go hiking can take a helicopter ride to suit their taste.

Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most famous places for hikes in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park welcomes visitors with hiking skill of all levels. You can choose either the easy walks around the paved trails or go up the tallest peak of Estes Park. The gorgeous Dream Lake Trail which falls somewhere in between will surely catch your attention for a few camera clicks. Also, if you are looking forward to scenic views without doing much hard work, take a drive along Trail Ridge Road and be ready for some mesmerising wonders.

Hike the beautiful Painted Desert

When in Arizona, Painted Desert got to be on your bucket list. You can find uniquely vivid colours in different areas of the desert, which is how the place got its name, Painted Desert. As you enter the desert from Route 66, you will find the Painted Desert Inn which once was a trading post, and now has a museum about the area.

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Top Places to Visit in the Southwestern United States

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