Retail in Germany during the pandemic

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The current pandemic has affected many businesses and economies around the world in general, however, it could be argued that ecommerce has been affected the most. While vaccines are finally arriving, and the situation is getting better, that cannot be said with the same activities like shopping, which is still too dangerous.

You might be wondering how is it going in Germany, one of the strongest economies in the world? Well, to put it simply, lockdown has affected the country just like any other country in Europe.

Today we will talk about the situation of retails in the country and why to send parcel to Germany is still the safest and most effective way to ship goods there, if you have business or personal interests there.

Staying home was the practice

Online shopping proved its importance and effectiveness during the pandemic, that is without a doubt. Not only could we effectively buy items for things like our hobbies or gifts, there were plenty of services to buy essentials like food or household items online.

The same trend followed in Germany, however, there were some interesting aspects exclusive to the country, according to retail industry experts. For example, Chinese items like electronics, were considered hazardous by the public which results in less items bought than usual.

Another, more important thing was the staying at home principal. Many people moved to an online working platform, instead of usual office hours.

The strict lockdown meant that people started doing more and more things online, including shopping for various. The same trend continued even after the most strict lockdown measures were lifted.

Physical shops continued to receive lower surges of customers for quite a while as people continued staying at home. From a pandemic point of view, this is great and from a business one, shops had to adapt quickly.

Most German retailers were affected

An interesting study done on the effects of the pandemic on the country’s retail industry provided results that most retailers in Germany were heavily affected. In total, 412 companies were surveyed.

The results are as follows:

  • 70% of the questioned were affected
  • 50% have lost at least some business
  • 9 of 10 were prepared to change their approach
  • 80% percent are prepared if situation get worse again.

As we can see from this, most retailers in the country were heavily affected by the on going pandemic. However, most of them have prepared measures necessary to accommodate the increase of online shoppers.

While this may not be the ideal choice for some firms, it’s a solution they have to go with if they want to maintain their business. Naturally, most of them have suffered quite huge losses, which will take time to bounce back from.

Ecommerce was affected as well

On the contrary, ecommerce received a spike like it never had before and even those retailers who work online weren’t prepared for the upcoming demand. As strict sanitary requirements were implemented as well, a lot retailers had to reshuffle their workforce in places like warehouses, limiting the number of people working on order and preparing packages.

The same applied for courier providers who had to readjust their methodology. Naturally, a lot of shipments were late because businesses were adapting. This was especially the case for parcels traveling internationally.

As the same survey suggested, almost 60% of businesses suffered from delays to their business and another 55% had to delay their assortment process in general.

All in all

The current global pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives. It could be said that every part of our businesses and economies were heavily hampered as well. For a while no one knew exactly how long this is going to last and how much time will it be needed to get back to the ways that things were before.

As vaccines are advancing and getting delivered worldwide, we can only hope that the nightmare will come to a close soon. As for retailers, even in countries like Germany, which are one of the strongest economies on earth, they had to suffer major losses and were prompted to readjust themselves.

Let’s hope that soon enough, everything will get better for people around the world.

Retail in Germany during the pandemic

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