5 basic beginner tips for carp fishing

carp fishing
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Carps were long considered to be fish of poor quality, not usually worthy of the time of anglers involved, but more so a fish for performing basic fishing trips. That is no longer true, however, since many fishermen, including, have come to appreciate the challenge that catching it brings.

In order to successfully catch it, you not only need the best fishing gear, like the savage gear mpp2 rod for example, but patience as well as basic understanding of their behavior. In this article, we will talk about the basic tips required for carp fishing.

If you’re a beginner, then this is the right article for you.

The carp – a brief summary

Here’s a few things you should need to know about carp as a species. The fish themselves are native in both Asia and Europe, however, they have been brought in to the Americans in the 19th century as well.

The most noticeable appearance feature is a round body, long as well as a strong and forked tail. Usually, they come in gold or green colors, but that depends on the species itself. 

As fish, they feed mostly on the bottoms and are known to be able to survive even in the harshest conditions. The average size of one fish is 80 centimeters with a weight of 4-7 kilograms.

Tips for carp fishing

Location is key

Carps are sensitive fish that are easily spooked if something is out of the ordinary for them. They very much prefer murky waters where they can’t be spotted that easily. 

Also, they prefer waters that are warmer, so you best bet are place that have plenty of vegetation, are fairly warm and are quite muddy.Think of shorelines, sides of channel or backwaters.

The best time of day, like for many fish, is to prey on them in the early morning.

Finding the right bait

Baiting carp is not that difficult since these fish are omnivorous. That means that they feed on both plant life, as well live objects like insects and larvae. The most basic bait that works most of the time is considered boilies, which carry the smell that is pleasant for carps. 

However, many fishermen use them, and if plenty of folks have already tried their luck the fish could develop an association with danger to the bait.

Correct rod set up

Since you’ll be most likely fishing in a river, a shorter rod length will do the trick like with most fish. Usually 1.5 – 1.8 meters is just right. Larger rods will be better, if fishing larger bodies of water. Here a rod of up to 3 meters in length can work fine.

The next key thing to consider is the weight of the line that you’re using. Most professional anglers agree that the heavier the line that can sink more easily, the better for catching these types of fish.

Monofilament lines are preferred by most fishermen, which help in this regard. However, some like to rely on braided lines which are sturdier lines and allow the contact to feel better.

Nothing shiny

Unlike most fish that go for shiny objects in the water, the same trick won’t work for carps. Usually, you get a trip to use a bright hook as well as bait color, however, carp have very good eyesight, and its glaring can seem like something suspicious, rather than

The exact opposite, more darker and camouflaged hooks and baits work better.

Using rod pods

Rod pods are an excellent way to make sure that your rods stay in place. As we’ve already mentioned, carp are fish that have excellent and spot basically anything out of the ordinary. A slight twitch on the rod from your side can make them hesitant or even scared to feed on your bait.

Pods help eliminate any unwanted movement and aim the rod at the right angle that you want. Multiple pods can help you set up a few rigs, which, naturally, increases your chances of success.

All in all

In this article, we’ve given the basic tips for carp fishing. They are smart fish that you need to be careful and fish in order to be successful. Keep these tips in mind and, surely, success will come your way.
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5 basic beginner tips for carp fishing

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